it was time to concentrate and share some of my development projects I currently spent time on (or waste time with).
On this page you'll find several code snippets and resources you may find interesting or useful, depending on further progress this site will be updated in irregular intervals. I'm still searching for a better way to manage and present these contents, but after some half-assed tests with TRAC (nice tool, but very complex and due to my knowledge only customizeable using command shell) I decided to take this way to publish them on the web. 

All binaries and sources are basically written in C#.NET, if you want to use them, you'll need MS Windows and the .NET Framework (v2.0 or higher), maybe MONO.NET will to the same job on Linux. I advice to use the MS Visual Studio, you could download the Express Edition, an free alternative might be SharpDevelop.

All sources are open source, so feel free to use or alter them the way you like, but ensure that you know what you are doing, I won't take any responsibility for problems or damages you might cause... If third-party libraries or data sources are used, please respect their terms of use.